A High-End Tim Hortons Boutique Cafe Is Reportedly Opening In Toronto

Reports suggest they are considering raising the prices for this location.
A High-End Tim Hortons Boutique Cafe Is Reportedly Opening In Toronto
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For most Canadians, there is no such thing as too much Tim Hortons. For many people, their daily Tim Hortons coffee to go is as regular as clockwork, and their donuts and drinks are so well loved country-wide for being so quintessentially Canadian. Those people may be in for a shock though if Tim Hortons Boutique Cafe opens in Toronto. 

There are thousands of Tim Hortons locations across Canada, which is evidence enough to prove how essential the company is to so many Canadian’s day-to-day lives. That said, it seems that these average 4,846 Tim Hortons locations in 14 countries are simply not enough. Now Tim Hortons is reportedly opening a new restaurant in Toronto, and by the sounds of it, this one might be a little more ‘boujee’ than most!

According to a report from the National Observer, plans are in place for Tim Hortons to open a ‘boutique cafe’ in their flagship location at First Canadian Place, Toronto (130 King Street West) later this month. Reports suggest that this new location will be unlike any other, and will have a certain element of sophistication and flamboyance that is not found in your average Timmies.

Reports say the upgraded cafe will feature aspects that are common to ‘specialty’ coffee shops, such as espresso machines and single origin beans (grown in one farm from a specific location), cold brew, Aeropress and manual pour over. 

Additionally, the new location will serve specialty dairy alternatives, including soy, almond, oat and coconut milk, and all drinks will be served in glass cups or mugs.

While the new cafe sounds all very fancy, the report also suggests that Tim Hortons is considering increasing the prices in this particular location, to align with the more ‘luxurious’ vibe they’re trying to create. Further, they will be looking to compete with other higher-end coffee businesses such as Starbucks and Second Cup.

A source in the National Observer’s report said that approximately 50 staff have been hired and trained to work at the new King Street West location in Toronto. It is also believed the new Tim Hortons cafe will be open 24 hours a day!

Despite the reports, Tim Hortons have not made any official statement to confirm or deny the rumours about the new store. In an email statement to the Toronto Sun, Tim Hortons spokesperson Sarah McDonnell simply said that the company is “always looking at ways to innovate, including with our restaurant formats.”

While the fancy coffee and glass mugs all sound very posh, it doesn't seem to fall in line with Tim Horton's traditional branding. That said, we're pretty sure that if Tim Hortons creates it Canadians will definitely try it! 

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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