Tim Hortons Just Opened Its First Restaurant In China And The Menu Is Unrecognizable

Tim Hortons just opened in Shanghai, China and its new menu is baffling.
Toronto Staff Writer
Tim Hortons Just Opened Its First Restaurant In China And The Menu Is Unrecognizable

Tim Hortons opened the doors to its first-ever restaurant in China today, and its menu is all kinds of crazy. The new restaurant marks the beginning of the company’s new initiative to launch 1500 Tim Hortons restaurants across China, starting with Shanghai, over the next decade. China’s first Timmies is located in central Shanghai and although it does feature a few of its classic menu items, such as the Double Double, most of the food selection has been revamped to appeal to the new market.

Exclusive Chinese menu items include an assortmentof new teas like Blueberry Roselle and a Steeped Black Lemon Peach Oolong tea, a far cry from the standard Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey vibes that Canadian customers know and love. Timbits will also be making their way was overseas, but the Chinese menu will feature a new flavour called Salted Egg Yolk – which probably wouldn't be a huge hit in rural parts of Canada.

The Chinese lunch menu is really where things take a dramatic shift with the menu featuring everything from Coldwater Shrimp to Basil Chicken. Chinese customers also have a salad option which includes a Roasted Pumpkin salad and Roasted Zucchini salad.

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The Chinese Tim Hortons has also upped its specialty drinks game with several new espresso beverages including a Matcha Latte, a Hazelnut flavour latte, and a Maple Macchiato.

The Shanghai cafe also features two new Iced Capp flavours, which follow the same flavour scheme as the lattes, minus the matcha. You have to wonder if they are introducing the maple flavours to give Chinese customers an authentic Canadian experience or if it’s just coincidence.

It’s OFFICIAL 🇨🇦🍩☕️ Tim Hortons (Tim’s Coffee House) open its first coffee shop in Shanghai 🇨🇳 @TimHortons#tuesdaytreat#coffeetime#TimHortonspic.twitter.com/hzdWAjA7cS

February 26, 2019

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The expansion to China is the latest landmark for the once purely homegrown company which now has several global locations including the United States, Mexico, The Middle East, Europe, and the Philippines.

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Toronto Staff Writer
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