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A Toronto coffee shop employee got the surprise of a lifetime when one of the biggest movie stars in the world finally came to visit. After days of posting on social media with his cardboard cutout, Tom Hanks took time out of his TIFF schedule and finally visited Grinder Coffee. 

Grinder employee Tony Graham was closing up shop, cleaning the floor and getting ready to finish up his day. That was when he heard a knock at the shop's window, and saw a man pointing at the store's cardboard cutout of Tom Hanks. "As I got to about four or five feet (away) I was like, 'Oh my god, it's Tom Hanks,'" Graham told Global News.

Despite the shop being closed for the day, Graham let the Hollywood star come in. He told Global, "When I realized it was Tom, I opened the door, I let him in … He was the nicest guy. He was exactly what I pictured him to be." Of course, having Tom Hanks in the shop attracted other people. "Imagine having Tom Hanks tell you, 'Sorry, we’re closed!'" Grinder owner Joelle Murray told Hello! Canada.

Murray wasn't actually at Grinder during the visit, but she did receive a phone call at home. It was the surprise of a lifetime to find out she was talking to none other than Tom Hanks. "I was like, 'No way! Is that actually you? Are you actually there? Why are you there after hours?!'" she told Hello! Canada. Hanks apparently told her that it was the only time he could fit the visit into his busy schedule.

This is the second time that Grinder Coffee has successfully persuaded a celebrity to visit the shop through a social media campaign. In 2018, Ryan Gosling paid a visit after Murray and other staff members posed with his cutout.

Tom Hanks is in Toronto promoting his new film, the Fred Rogers biopic A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, which is playing at TIFF. His visit to Grinder definitely seemed to make it a beautiful day in their neighbourhood!

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