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10 Underground DJs You Need To Check Out In May

Five nonstop days of the freshest and most innovative talent on the planet.

Now that temperatures are on the rise and the winter grind is finally losing its downer vibe, we can go outside again Toronto! And while there are so many things going on in the T-dot, it's also nice to get out of the city once in a while, especially when it involves festivals dedicated to mind-blowing and brain-altering music and visual arts.

We already told you about Digital Spring happening right now in Montreal until June 21, and if you haven't gone to check it out yet, seriously what the eff are you waiting for?! Alright, so you've been busy, we'll let it slide, but if you consider yourself any kind of electronic music fan, a little road trip to the 514 is most cetainly in order.

As part of Digital Spring, the 16th edition of MUTEK, with 5 nonstop days of internationally recognized DJs, showcases some of the freshest and most innovative talent on the planet. This ain't your typical Top 40 mashup artists either. We're talking DJs on the cutting-edge of technology, music, digital creativity, and live performance. MUTEK is amazing for showcasing DJs that produce and perform their own music (these DJs aren't just remixers, but are creators).

Check out our selection of top 10 DJs you need to experience at Digital Spring 2015.

James Holden

WHEN: Wednesday May 27

WHERE: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art)

WHAT: A MUTEK favourite, James Holden is no stranger to the electronic scene and his fierce presence and signature sound must be experienced to fully understand. Holden's live sets are always intensely entertaining and his music is expansive. Expect big, psychedelic, and progressive beats that will leave you transported.



WHEN: Thursday May 28

WHERE:Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art)

WHAT: A local Toronto native, Waveshaper has got a whole 80's sci-fi theme going on. His beats, heavy on analog synths and glittering, and contemplative ambient techno sounds combined with hypnotic abstract visuals, are out of this world. It's definitely easy to recognize the Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Giorgio Moroder, and Justice influences woven throughout Waveshaper's electroacoustic experiments that will no doubt leave you mesmerized.


Dasha Rush

WHEN: Thursday May 28

WHERE: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art)

WHAT: Girl DJs are already inherently hot for some reason, and Russian-born electronic wanderer Dasha Rush is no exception. Part ambient, part techno, Dasha Rush is best known for her minimalist melodies, hypnotic atmospheres, and cerebral bass lines, as well as spellbinding visuals to back it all up.



WHEN: Saturday May 30

WHERE: Metropolis

WHAT: German composer, musician and record producer, Uwe Schmidt, the man behind Atom™, is one of the most prolific and innovative DJ's to come out of the electronic music community since early 90s. Often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electrogospel, and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music, Atom™ is probably best known today for being one of the founding members of C2C. Regardless of the collaboration, Atom™ will get you moving.


Andy Stott

WHEN: Friday May 29

WHERE: Metropolis

WHAT: Manchester-based dub and techno producer has seen great success since his debut EP Merciless back in 2006. Today, Stott is best known for his lurid analog treatment of field recordings and instrumentals, but his minimal rhythms, deep bass, and intense synths are unmistakable.


Drew Gragg

WHEN: Sunday May 31

WHERE:Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art)

WHAT: An emerging Montreal artist, Drew Gragg has an academic background in electroacoustic composition, jazz guitar, and orchestral composition which he uses to create very smooth jazzy downtempo, with a good mix of loungy sounds and subtle, groovy rhythms.


Fumiya Tanaka

WHEN: Saturday May 30

WHERE: Metropolis

WHAT: Making his Canadian debut, Japanese techno veteran, Fumiya Tanaka has been spinning his funk-infused brand of techno for more than twenty years. Tanaka was a pioneer of the minimal techno revolution in his native land, and is definitely not slowing down with international collabs and releases happening at a breakneck pace. Fumiya Tanaka is one of this year's special longform guests.


Sherwood & Pinch

WHEN: Saturday May 30

WHERE: Metropolis

WHAT: Sherwood is a true dub legend, mastering heavy rhythms combined with his unique sense of electro funk and reggae sounds, while Pinch is best known for his futuristic and meditative style. Combined, Sherwood & Pinch create dark, psychedelic dub, that's both ambient and ferocious at the same time.


Gunnar Haslam

WHEN: Saturday May 30

WHERE: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art)

WHAT: Originally a particle physicist (wtf?), NY-based Gunnar Haslam is a relative newcomer, but is quickly establishing himself as a contender among the new techno wave. Heavy on hardware and sample sounds, Haslam makes for mesmerizing, dark, and gritty tracks that merge hard synth with stimulating ambiance. This is a world-premier that is sure to leave you wondering what hit you.



WHEN: Saturday May 30

WHERE: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art)

WHAT: Last but not least, Svengalisghost's revamped Chicago house that blends a healthy dose of disco funk and industrial electro cannot be denied. Svengalisghost has been moving crowds with his gritty, eclectic techno and growling vocals since the old-school loft scene of the ‘90s. This wild man definitely still knows how to party so you can definitely expect a few surprises.


Check out Digital Spring's official website and make sure to check out all of these DJs at Mutek 2015.