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Top 12 Toronto Bars To Go To Because No Great Story Started With A Salad

The best places to make really, really bad decisions at.
Top 12 Toronto Bars To Go To Because No Great Story Started With A Salad

It's Friday! You are probably planning your night with your friends, by saying that you'll just go out for one drink at a chill place to then go home early and watch How To Get Away With Murder. Are you that naive?

This is what's actually going to happen:

You're going to start off slow, but then that your bffls new bffl, Diane, is going to join you. Next thing you know you're doing jaggerbombs because there's no way Diane is the cool friend, YOU'RE the cool friends...gtfo Diane.

These shots will the follow up with some more shots, and then follow up with you making out with a random and then followed by you taking over the DJ booth. I mean we could go on but we don't want to give away the ending ;).

So who will be responsible for tonights debauchery? Probably one of these awesome spots:

Weldon park // 569 College Street

The best part: The hidden back room.

Photo cred - @allabout_chloe

Bar Raval // 505 College Street

The best part: tapas & design.

The Libertine // 1307 Dundas Street West

The best part: It's one of Toronto's hidden gems.

Montauk  // 765 Dundas Street West

The best part: The cocktails.

416 Snack Bar // 181 Bathurst Street

The best part: The ambiance, dark, small and cozy.

Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Avenue

The best part: It's hidden location in the heart of Kensington.

Photo cred - @barcolonel

No one writes to the colonel // 460 College Street

The best part: The mojitos.

The Ossignton // 61 Ossington Avenue

The best part: The old school music & dance floor.

The Drake // 1150 Queen Street West

The best part: The ambiance & pretty people.

Rush lane //  563 Queen Street West

The best part: Relaxing place to drink good cocktails.

Bar Hop // 391 King Street West

The best part: 36 craft brews on tap.

Photo cred - @carlita_houle

2 Cats // 569 King Street West

The best part: The Thursday nights.

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