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Top 12 Wilfrid Laurier Bird Courses That Will Boost Your GPA

Balancing your social life, health and grades in university can be hard enough without a super demanding course load . Whether you are in BBA or taking General Arts, everybody needs a good bird course or two each semester! 

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While course names can be deceiving, these 12 courses are guaranteed by fellow hawks to give you that GPA boost! 

1. UU150 - Foundations for Community Engagement and Service

This is one of the most well known bird courses at Laurier, and for good reason. If you take it online, theres no midterm OR final, and the course load is less than what you'd see in a high school course. Act fast though if you want to take this one while you are at Laurier, rumours that it will be getting discontinued due to being too easy (yea, it's that easy) have started in the past year.

2. WS100-  Introduction to Women and Gender Studies  

Women's studies courses in general are not only easy but super enjoyable as well! While the course load is akin to most courses with a midterm and a final, a lot of the work is based on some pretty interesting history and the assignments are crazy light.

3. WS203 - Girls, Women and Popular Culture 

As said before, women's studies courses are pretty easy in general. While this one is just as easy as the 100 level course, it's even more interesting. A lot of the content is based on current popular culture so 90% of the course is comprised of watching and analyzing music videos, magazines and current movies!

4. RE103 - Love and It's Myths

Religion courses in university are just as easy in university as they were in high school most of the time, and Love and It's Myths is no exception. The course is primarily focused on looking at love in each religion so if you are interested in learning about religions outside of your own beliefs, this is a must take!

5. RE104 - Evil and It's Symbols 

Evil and It's Symbols has the same kind of foundation as Love and It's Myths, the only difference being that instead of looking at love in different religions, you look at evil and how it's interpreted in each religion! If you are choosing between the two, definitely take this one as most of the time this course doesn't have a midterm in the outline and a good chunk of your mark is designated to a super easy group project.

6. RE220 - Religion and Popular Culture  

More religion courses! Taking a few religion courses each year is going to give your GPA a major boost, and this one is the most interesting out of the list by far! The premise is to look at popular culture and how religions have come out of it, you look at the religion behind Tupperware, 'fandoms,' and onion rings- yea, you spend a week learning about a religious group dedicated to an onion ring.

7. GG102 - Introduction to Human Geography 

This course is mostly easy because of how much course work that is dedicated to hands on learning! A ton of the labs are spent walking around Laurier and learning about the geography behind people and how the world builds to accommodate. It's pretty interesting and the tests are mostly just common knowledge.

8. ES295 - Ecotourism and the Environment 

This course is as easy as it is interesting, and it's crazy interesting. If you take this course online, not only is there no midterm or final, but a ton of your mark is designated to weekly discussion posts and two reports where you create your own ecotourism venture. It gives you a ton of room to be creative without it having a stressful load of assignments!

9. Any First Year Seminar Course 

First year seminars at Laurier aren't usually brought up when it comes to talking about bird courses, but they are definitely something you should consider. Since they're seminars, the class sizes are crazy small so it's easy to befriend your prof and class discussions makes learning the material so much easier, you learn half of it subconsciously! Plus with the seminar courses changing every year, theres always something new and interesting to take!

10. CP102 - Information Processing With Microcomputer Systems 

CP102 is another well known course around Laurier and for good reason! The course's actual name sounds intense but the entire curriculum is just tutorials on how to use everything in Microsoft Office. So if you know how to turn on a computer, sign up for this one.

11. GG 294 - Geography of Tourism 

As seen, geography courses are pretty common bird courses as well, but if theres one that stands out from the rest it's definitely the Geography of Tourism course. Not only is it primarily based on looking at different kinds of tourism, but the midterm and final are unbelievably easy and there are only a few assignments within the year! The only catch for this one though is some profs have in class assignments worth a lot in grade weighting so you can't skip class, but the GPA boost from this course is so worth it.

12. SE200 - How to Change the World: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship 

This course is great to take as a birdy in general, but if you are in BBA you will find this especially easy. The course is basically a 'how to' on how to be a social entrepreneur. If you take this one online theres no midterm or final, just discussion posts, a few online quizzes and a group project where you design a venture of your own!

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