Top 13 Ugliest Things About Toronto

Not cute.

Photo cred - Stephen Gardiner

Toronto is a lovely city, and certain parts of it are beautiful. Unfortunately, there are other parts that are not so nice. You probably know them already, but here are some of the grossest things this home of ours has produced.

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Robarts Library

Easily one of the strangest architectural decisions this city has ever made, Robarts is a massive eyesore. Who told you that was a good look U of T? Because they are not your friend.

Winter Slush

This city is notorious for its ugly slush, thanks to our unpredictable winter weather. There's nothing more fun that stepping into a puddle of that mess when you're rushing somewhere!

Photo cred - Don Stevens

Condo Construction

It feels like every corner of this city is lined with half-built condominiums, and they're pretty unparalleled when it comes to ruining your view.

Photo cred - verndogs

Lake Ontario

It's great from a distance, but don't step foot in it unless you enjoy skin mutation.

The Northbound Shuttle Bus On Yonge, Circa 1:45am

Never have you seen a bigger congregation of sweaty, miserable drunk people. It's a grim place to be.


CityPlace is a sign that the world hates us. It's ugly now, and it's only going to be uglier when it's finished.

Islington Subway Station

Unless you're a fan of bird shit.

Lakeshore Boulevard

What's nicer than driving along an expressway that's chipping apart, and then passing under a dilapidated bridge? Oh, the big city!

Via Google Street View

Bloor Dundas Square

This may be one of the ugliest buildings in the city, with its mud brown walls, and bizarre design. Even it looks depressed by how ugly it is.

Metro Convention Centre

This place makes it onto the list for just being exceptionally boring. It's so boring looking that it's ugly.

Sharp Centre For Design

I get that whoever designed this building probably thought they were being innovative, but they weren't. They were making a weird, ugly building.

College St. On Sunday Morning

Nothing like stepping into fresh vomit from last night's drunk college students to wake you right up!

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