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A GTA Airbnb Mansion Just Got Shut Down For Hosting Too Many Parties

Another Toronto-area Airbnb just got into serious trouble.

It’s no secret that Toronto Airbnb has run into a few legal problems over the past years. A Burlington mansion, charging guests $1,200 a night, got into trouble back in December. The house reportedly hosted several parties, weddings, and video shoots, which neighbours claimed were disrupting the atmosphere of the neighbourhood.

According to The Toronto Star, Halton Regional Police and the City of Burlington are now allowed to “block access” to the property to prevent it from being “used for commercial purposes.”

The Airbnb listing for 4319 Lakeshore Rd., which has since been taken down, warned that parties on the premises were prohibited. However, it did promote filming music videos.

The Star also reported that neighbours had been in contact with the ad’s “super host,” who told them to reach out whenever there was a disturbance. Although, residents reported that “nothing changed” as a result of the interaction.

The City of Burlington stated that the owners of the property were fined $9,500 in court fees.

The order is “subject to a 30-day appeal period,” which, if successful, would allow to re-open the building to commercial use.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the hearing. Residents can rest assured that the City will act when homeowners use their residences for commercial purposes such as banquets and other events that are not permitted under the City’s Zoning By-Law," Nick Anastasopoulos, Burlington’s director of building and by-law, stated a new release.

"Such uses consequently have a severe impact on residents and their neighbourhoods, and it’s our responsibility to prevent that from occurring.” 

However, this isn't the first time that an Airbnb stay went wrong.

Last week, a deadly shooting broke out a downtown Airbnb leaving three people dead. According to Toronto police, the event had started as a social gathering.

Cases of gun violence being linked to Airbnb’s in the GTA have become so common that the website began trending after news of the shooting first broke.

Back in December, a similar incident occurred at an Airbnb being used as for house party near Pape and Danforth.

When police arrived on the scene, they were able to report that there had been no injuries. However, they did discover several bullet holes around the property.