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Toronto Animal Services Is Giving Away Cats & Dogs For Under $50 Until The End Of August

Toronto Animal Services are looking for new homes for tons of their furry friends.
Toronto Animal Services Is Giving Away Cats & Dogs For Under $50 Until The End Of August

The journey to own a pet can be a little difficult. With all the places you can get your new furry friend, finding the perfect adoption center can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But if you want to help out and save some money you can put towards the future care of your pet, Toronto Animal Services will have their cat and dog fees at less than $50 until the end of August. 

Until Sept. 1, you can head over to their summer adoption event where all their dogs are $50 and cats at $25 plus taxes including the Toronto pet license. The adoption center's regular fees are $235 for males and $243 for females. Which makes this adoption sale the perfect opportunity for first-time pet owners. 

If getting a dog is on your radar, the $50 adoption fee includes a vet check, vaccinations (annual dog vaccines and rabies), spay and neuter surgery, a microchip and a behavior assessment. This helps to make sure you're taking home a healthy and happy pup.

Toronto Animal Services has three shelters, North, East, and West of Toronto, which might make it easier for you to head over and see these cute little furry friends.

There are other animals besides cats and dogs that are available to adopt as well.

[rebelmouse-image 25945511 photo_credit="Toronto Animal Services" expand=1 original_size="732x429"]

They do note that due to increased animal populations in their shelters, they're unable to accept all animals, so this is a great opportunity to help already crowded shelters find homes for these animals. However, it's always important to make sure that you are completely ready to be a pet owner before adopting a pet. 

If you'd love to adopt but are unable to at the moment, you can always volunteer at the shelters and lend an extra hand.

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