Toronto Broke Heat Records Yesterday But The Next Two Weeks Are Going To Be Miserable

After record-breaking heat, it looks like fall weather will finally be here to stay in Ontario.
Toronto Broke Heat Records Yesterday But The Next Two Weeks Are Going To Be Miserable

Unless you stayed indoors the entire day on October 9th, you know that it was dreadfully hot in the city of Toronto. While some Ontarians were getting snow and rain up north in the province, Torontonians were sweating like it was still summertime instead of autumn. 

Now, ThWeather Network has issued a two-week forecast for Toronto and Ontario and the fall weather is finally here to stay. One downside to milder temperatures? There is going to be a lot of rain. 

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Temperatures on the 9th beat out a previous record set back in 1949 when temperatures surpassed 28.3 degrees Celsius, climbing to 28.6 degrees by 3:00 PM. Torontonians enjoyed the 23-degree weather today, but over the next two weeks, temperatures will continue to drop and remain more seasonal. 

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While autumn temperatures are typically around 10 degrees Celcius in the area, the next two weeks may dip to below 10 as cold fronts move through the province. By the time the weekend hits, Ontarians can expect a November-like chill, so get ready to bust out the flannels and fuzzy socks. 

The cold front that has been bringing the snow to northern Ontario is about to head down south and will bring cooler weather with it. Saturday, October 12th, is expected to be very rainy with a high of 10 degrees, making this weekend a brisk one. 

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For those of us begging the summer weather to stay for just one more day, don't fret! There will be a warm front coming through on Monday, October 14th, that will raise temperatures slightly but will continue the rain showers. 

Autumn is definitely here to stay now and the cold, wet, miserable weather is coming along with it. So grab your rainboots, umbrellas and blanket scarves, it's going to be chilly in no time. 

Source: The Weather Network