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TTC Bus Driver Caught Refusing Service To Commuters For Literally No Reason (VIDEO)

The TTC has now responded to the frustrating incident.
Toronto Staff Writer
TTC Bus Driver Caught Refusing Service To Commuters For Literally No Reason (VIDEO)

Every Torontonian knows how frustrating it can be to ride the TTC. Delays are tough to endure after a long day, or even if your day is just getting started. However, it’s a whole different story when a TTC driver chooses to ignore commuters for no reason, which is exactly what happened yesterday when a Toronto bus driver refused service to a group of transit riders patiently waiting at their stop.

A video posted to Twitter on Tuesday showed a bus driver on the 47B Lansdowne route refusing to open the doors to a group passengers waiting at the Yorkdale stop. In the video, the driver makes no attempt to open the doors of the bus, which is completely empty. Even after the group of commuters begged to be let in.

In the clip, the driver is seen staring straight ahead ignoring the pleas of the would-be passengers shouting, “Open the door for us! Open the door!” Another commuter can be heard berating the driver. “This is the TTC, that’s the face of the TTC,” he yells, as the bus drives off. Take a look:

The Toronto Transit Commission responded to the matter Tuesday evening, revealing that it had disciplined the driver for leaving the passengers waiting on the curb.

 “This is one of those cases where unfortunately something that shouldn’t have happened, happened,” TTC Communications Specialist Stuart Green explained to CTV.

“We have to apologize to any customers who were caught by this.”

Green asserted that in most cases when a bus driver doesn’t pick customers up, there is a legitimate reason behind it. The bus could be out of service, overcrowded or the driver could simply be off duty.

However, an investigation into the incident discovered that the driver was not only in the wrong, but also had no reason not to pick up the frustrated commuters, CTV reports.

The TTC has yet to comment on how they plan to deal with the incident, but they have confirmed that he is still an employee of the organization.

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