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Even Muggles Will Love Toronto's Magical Butterbeer Bar Crawl Next Month

Witches, wizards, and even you muggles - if you're craving a refreshing butterbeer but you just can't make it to platform 9 ¾, don't worry! The Toronto Butterbeer Bar Crawl is returning next month and you won't want to miss this enchanting event! So grab your wands and put on your best drinking robes, because bar hopping in Toronto just got a whole lot more magical.

Hosted by Stumble Series, the Harry Potter-themed bar crawl will consist of four bars in the city's entertainment district. You'll have the chance to drink tasty butterbeer as you stumble through each wizard-themed location, drinking and competing for prizes.

You'll be divided into three different schools of 150 people each. The main goal is to make everyone feel included says co-creator of the bar crawl, Erin Malecki.

"Many people attend our events solo, and we make it a priority to make sure everyone is included and making new friends," says Malecki. "We have designed the Tri-Wizard challenges to get new people mixing and mingling at each bar."

Every bar is in walking distance, and event organizers will be there to help you along.

"We have created custom Marauder's Maps with the bar schedule and locations so that everyone knows where and when to move," says Malecki. "Our staff will announce a 15-minute warning...when it's time to move to the next bar."

A week before the crawl, each school will receive an email revealing their secret starting location. You'll then make your way through three different bars in the entertainment district. Each bar will have wizard-themed drinks, decor, and games where you can win prizes.

Everyone will then come together at the fourth and final bar for the Yule Ball-themed after-party. Costumes are encouraged for the event, and prizes will be handed out to the best ones!

"(The Yule Ball) is when all three schools join together and create one massive party," Malecki explains.

"We arrive at the Yule Ball/last bar at 7 p.m., and guests are welcome to stay there for the remainder of the evening. We announce the winners for best costume, and the Tri-Wizard challenges here, have a wild dance party - it's always fun seeing Voldemort break it down." 

Prizes usually include a Harry Potter-themed gift along with a $100 gift card, according to Malecki.

Earlybird tickets for the event start at $25, but prices are set to rise after August 24. If you purchase your tickets before September 5, you will also receive a take-home Butterbeer Bar Crawl mug.

For an extra $10, you can even purchase a personalized acceptance letter that the owls (ok fine, the post office) will deliver to your door!

The bar crawl will begin promptly at 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 21, so get those tickets now! You must be 19 years or older to participate.

Butterbeer Bar Crawl

Location: Toronto's Entertainment District

Price: $25

Why you need to go: You and your BFFs can feel like part of Hogwarts by dressing up like your favourite Harry Potter characters, drinking delicious butterbeer, and competing for magical prizes!


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