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Toronto "Chair Girl" Marcella Zoia Appears To Be Living It Up Now That She’s Out On Bail

Toronto's infamous "Chair Girl" proves via Instagram that she's doing just fine after her court appearance.

Toronto's now-infamous "chair girl", 19-year-old Marcella Zoia, seems to be coping with the guilt of her actions just fine. Zoia surrendered herself to Toronto police last month after a video of her tossing a chair onto the Gardiner Expressway went viral. The 19-year-old faces charges including mischief-endangering life, mischief involving damage to property and common nuisance.

Zoia’s Instagram, which was shut down briefly following her surrender to police, features several recent photographs suggesting that she's enjoying a carefree lifestyle. She has also gained a significant Instagram following of nearly 14,000. One picture in particular which she posted on Monday shows Zoia in a bikini soaking up the sun on a boat, though it's unclear when the photo was taken.

Another recent video on Zoia’s Instagram shows her at what appears to be a nightclub. In the footage, Zoia stares at the camera before slowly flipping her hair. She captioned the photo, “If my 30-inch hair hit you when I flip it then you 30 inches too close to me". 

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Her recently updated Instagram isn’t the only indicator that would suggest that the 19-year-old is enjoying her newfound fame. Last month, a video of a bubbly Zoia exiting a Starbucks also appeared to show her enjoying the barrage of media attention she was receiving.

Zoia’s lawyer, Gregory Leslie, did his best to shelter her from the initial media onslaught, cautiously persuading Zoia not to answer any of the questions thrown her direction during a hectic press conference last month:

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Zoia's bail was set at $2000. Zoia was ordered to live with her mother in Toronto and will return to court this month. She is due back in court on March 22nd at Toronto's Old City Hall where a trial date will be set.