18 Sunny Destinations Torontonians Can Escape To For Less Than $500 Roundtrip This Winter

Start packing your swimsuits!
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Toronto Cheap Flights For Under $500 Return That Transport You To Warm Destinations

Right about now is usually the time of year where we become desperate for a glimpse of sunny skies and warm weather. Unfortunately, winter is not about to end anytime soon. If you've been dying to feel the sand between your toes, it might be time to treat yourself to a little warm-weather getaway. With low fare flights leaving from Toronto every day, you don't need to spend your life savings either. These Toronto cheap flights will let you escape to a tropical paradise this winter.

You can find all sorts of return trips for under $500 over the next few months.

These 18 places all have seats available for super cheap, but prices can always change quickly.

In order to book the trip, you can go to the airline website and plug in the dates and destinations listed.

From dreamy white sand beaches to caves filled with stunning turquoise waters, you'll forget that snow even exists.

You can also get a little taste of warmer days without leaving the province by visiting these lush greenhouses.

Or, you can embrace the snow and embark on some of these magical winter adventures.

Grab your suitcase and start packing before these prices melt away!

Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Price: From $477

When: March 9-16, 2020

Why You Need To Go: WestJet is offering some super cheap flights on these days to this stunning beach paradise.


Price: From $445

When: March 6-13, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Experience relaxing island life in Bermuda with this deal. Book through Air Canada using the above dates.

Tampa, Florida

Price: From $295

When: March 23-30, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Swoop can take you to sunnier skies without breaking the bank with their flight deals.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price: From $450

When: February 17-24, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Air Canada will whisk you away to warmer days where you can forget all about the snow.

Miami, Florida

Price: $289

When: February 11-18, 2020

Why You Need To Go: American Airlines has some super affordable flights to Miami where you can bask in the sunshine.

Cancun, Mexico

Price: $478.43

When: March 24 to April 7, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Treat yourself to a getaway in Mexico with Air Transat.

Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $332

When: March 31 to April 7, 2020

Why You Need To Go: United Airlines will help you escape to much warmer weather with this low priced trip.

Orlando, Florida

Price: $292

When: March 25-31, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Visit Disney World or just enjoy the sunshine with this deal through Delta.

Merida, Yucatan

Price: $438

When: April 1-10, 2020

Why You Need To Go: United has cheap flights to this warm spot, where you can explore ancient temples and relax in the sand.

Los Angeles, California

Price: $329

When: February 25 to March 3, 2020

Why You Need To Go: L.A. isn't just for movie stars, you can fly there with Delta for less than $400.

Tulum, Mexico

Price: $394

When: March 24-29, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Explore Mayan ruins and snorkel through turquoise caves in Tulum. You can get there without breaking the bank with American Airlines and InterJet.

Varadero, Cuba

Price: $489

When: February 6-19, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Air Canada will sweep you away to a town with a stunning coastline and tons of gorgeous trails.

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Price: $332

When: February 26 to March 4, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Forget the world on this dreamy tropical island. Delta offers low fare flights you need to take advantage of this winter.

Havana, Cuba

Price: $407

When: March 30 to April 5, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy the sunshine in Cuba by hopping on this flight with Copa Airlines.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $342

When: March 3-10, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Vegas is always a good idea, and you can save your money for the casinos by flying this deal with Delta.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Price: $441

When: February 23 to March 1, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Your winter blues will melt away on the sandy shores of this oasis. Swoop offers cheap flights that will take you far from the snow.

Cayo Coco, Cuba

Price: $489

When: February 27 to March 5, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy white sand beaches and coral reefs by hopping on this Air Canada flight.

Cozumel, Mexico

Price: $490

When: February 27 to March 4, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Gaze at dolphins and turquoise waters instead of flurries with this United Airlines deal.

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Ontario Associate Editor
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