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Toronto's 2019 Is Going To End With A Huge Snow Dump After Christmas

Got family or travel plans? Take note!
Toronto's 2019 Is Going To End With A Huge Snow Dump After Christmas

What's the end of a year in Toronto without a final blast of wintry weather? If you're making plans to ring in the New Year, or to travel to see family between Boxing Day and Dec. 31, you'll want to know that snow is in the forecast for 2019's Toronto Christmas weather. And lots of it. If you were hoping to avoid wearing your winter coat, think again.

Although it won't necessarily be a white Christmas, as only dustings are expected on December 25, a very significant amount of post-Boxing Day snow has been predicted.

Toronto is expected to see some serious white stuff start falling from the sky on Friday, December 27 after a sunny Boxing Day, according to The Weather Network.

The city is then expected to get up to 10 centimetres on Saturday, December 28 alone. The steady snow will continue to a lesser extent on Sunday, before two days of flurries end off the year.

So, while it might not be a snowy holiday this year, the days leading up to and including New Year's Eve will likely have the city looking like a winter wonderland.

This period is a hugely popular time for people to travel to see family and friends, but Ontarians should know what they may be getting themselves into on the roads.

The Weather Network

We've all seen how much snow has affected Ontario's commuters and drivers in recent weeks, since the first big winter storm in November.

Just this week, parts of the province ended up buried under 50 centimetres of snow.

And it's looking like there's more to come before Christmas, too.

CBC meteorologist Colette Kennedy reports the GTA is likely to get between two to four centimetres of snow on Friday and Saturday this week in the build-up to the big day.

While it may be cold enough for some of that to stick around through until the 25th, Kennedy advises Torontonians looking to be deep in snow for Christmas to head north.

And that seems a reasonable suggestion, as long as you're prepared to face the conditions.

Parts of Ontario outside the GTA are under a snow squall watch, and some places could even get up to 40 centimetres of the white stuff.

TWN's Doug Gillham writes that large portions of central Ontario, including Muskoka and other cottage-country areas, are likely to have a legitimate white Christmas.

This December's weather has seen a lot of mixed results and frankly can't seem to make up its mind.

One thing seems for certain, though. We may not get a fairytale December 25, but the period between December 27 and New Year's Eve is expected to see a whole lot of snow to say goodbye to 2019.

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