6 Jaw-Dropping Condos In Toronto That Are Basically Mansions In The Sky

Living the high-life.
Toronto Condos For Sale That Are Basically Mansions In The Sky

If you're looking to live in the 6ix, buying a condo downtown can get expensive. However, if you're set on living a lavish lifestyle then a house in the sky might be the perfect place for you to settle down. There are plenty of outrageous Toronto condos for sale that will make you feel like you are living in a mansion. 

While buying a condo in Toronto might come with a high price tag, the views that you often get are breathtaking. Whether you are looking out over the city, or the water, it's often a view that will have you staring for days. 

However, if you think that buying a condo will be a cheaper alternative to house, you might want to think again. 

Back in October, a study revealed that buying a Toronto condo was often more expensive than buying an average Canadian home. 

According to a study done by Royal LePage, condos throughout the 6ix surpassed the $600,000 mark last year, which dramatically shrunk the gap between the condo and average Canadian housing pricing of $566,482. 

Yet, multiple condos in the 6ix often go for much more than their average price, and you can find yourself spending millions to move into your dream home. 

However, for that price, you can get some pretty outrageous living spaces. 

Humber Bay Condo With Views 

Price: $1,399,000

Address: 56 Annie Craig Dr., Toronto, ON

Description: If you're looking for a place that has views for days, look no further, friend.

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Lakeshore Condo 

Price: $1,269,900

Address: 401 Queens Quay W., Toronto, ON

Description: If you've always wanted to live in a cozy spot on the waterfront, this condo should excite you.

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Downtown Penthouse

Price: $1,199,000

Address: 383 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, ON

Description: A two-storey penthouse condo that lets you live the high life without having to live on one floor.

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Spacious Uptown Condo 

Price: $1,388,800

Address: 2191 Yonge St., Toronto, ON

Description: Who doesn't want a place with tons of natural light and enough space to throw upper-class rich people parties?

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Yorkville Two-Bedroom Condo

Price: $4,400,000

Address:36 Hazelton Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: A place that is both modern and classy, this space offers a private wine locker and a cigar lounge.

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Two-Bedroom Lakeshore Condo 

Price: $1,949,000

Address: 2095 Lakeshore Blvd., Toronto, ON

Description: Does the royal family own condos? If they do, they must look like this.

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Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.