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Finding an affordable Toronto condo that isn't a literal shoebox can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack these days.

However, there are some cheap and nice places you can grab right now in the 6ix, without sacrificing your dreams of having a good view or comfort.

Richmond Street Condo

Mary Jo Vradis | RE/MAX

Price: $398,000

Address: 1211 - 255 Richmond St. W., Toronto, ON

Description: A quaint bachelor condo located just steps away from the Eaton Centre.

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Downtown Condo

Rebecca Fang | RE/MAX

Price: $388,000

Address: 804 - 15 Grenville St., Toronto, ON

Description: A bright and modern condo that's location would suit anyone attending Ryerson or U of T.

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Crescent Town Condo

Hans Dhingra | RE/MAX

Price: $374,900

Address: 1201 - 5 Massey Square, Toronto, ON

Description: A beautiful one-bedroom unit located in a quiet neighbourhood that is surrounded by parks and greenery.

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Spacious One Bedroom Condo

Jennifer Pearce | RE/MAX

Price: $375,000

Address: 2319 - 1 Massey Sq., Toronto, ON

Description: This massive unit offers a rare combo of space and affordability in the 6ix.

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Glen Park West Condo 

My Linh Ha | RE/MAX

Price: $364,500

Address: 704 - 100 Lotherton Pathway, Toronto, ON

Description: A condo that makes up for its lack of glitz and space with its great price and double bedroom.

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Two-bedroom Condo 

Raoul Sivanathan | RE/MAX

Price: $368,000

Address: 312 - 800 Kennedy Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: A perfect two-bedroom condo for any couple who is looking to save and start a family.

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