Imagine eating a pizza that's almost half your size. Now, if you can, picture it topped with all your favourite desserts. Well, Scarborough's Lamanna's Bakery cooks up enormous sized pizza slices topped with any dessert food you can think of, for any occasion.

The bakery will serve up the pizza of your dreams complete with crazy combos that'll bring your dessert fantasies to life. 

If your mouth is already watering, this is definitely for you.

Lamanna's has served the Scarborough community for 15 years. However, what sets them apart from the crowd is that they serve 24-inch pizza slices, both traditional style and dessert style. 

That's right, 24 inches.

"Generally, as a rule of thumb, we only make pizzas we would want to eat ourselves," David Lamanna told Narcity.

"We are very inspired by what is happening culturally around us and will trial and error until we're satisfied we have something that tastes awesome."

Arguably the best part about this place is that it's both a pizzeria and a bakery. That allows access to so many different ingredients and the ability to experiment wildly.

Lamanna says the best-selling dessert pizza is a tie between the Nutella cannoli & donuts pizza and the caramel Churros pizza.

"We are working on an ordering system for the new year which should streamline things better for the customer," adds Lamanna.

The store also has customized big-slice boxes to work with the shape of the big-slice pizza, which has made ordering this pizza a whole lot more fun.

It's not just sweet treats, though!

Lammana's also serves savoury pizza slices that are just as crazy. 

If you're dying to try a piece, you can hit up Lamanna's Bakery by walk-ins, sending them a DM on Insta, or calling them up.

And if you feel slightly overwhelmed with the options, don't fear! The bakery can help you make your choice.

Calling 24 hours in advance can help make your pick-up order a breeze. Otherwise, it's first come, first serve for a slice.

We'd advise taking a friend or loved one, though. This is definitely a slice you'd want to share!

Lamanna's Bakery

Price: 💸💸+ (Between $28 to $45, depending on complexity and type) 

Cuisine: Sweet pizza, savoury pizza, and, yep, more pizza

Address: 10-6758 Kingston Rd., Scarborough

Why You Need To Go: This mix of pizza and dessert is totally different than what you'd expect and is a unique eating experience you simply have to try!