Toronto's New Downtown Dessert Tour Starts This Weekend And It's Gonna Be The Sweetest Thing

You get to taste all the sweet treats.
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Toronto's New Downtown Dessert Tour Starts This Weekend And It's Gonna Be The Sweetest Thing

A new walking tour starting in Toronto this weekend allows you to sample sweet treats all along the walk! Savour Toronto is putting on a Dessert & Culture Tour that will take you to different spots across downtown. And you get generous tastings at each stop of this Toronto dessert tour!

Savour Toronto's new tour is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you decide to partake in this culinary adventure, you can taste a range of fun, unique desserts and learn some interesting facts from your local tour guide. 

"Toronto has such a diverse and dynamic food scene. This is well represented with the number of places you can go to enjoy desserts," Suzanne Urpecz, co-founder of Savour Toronto, told Narcity.

The dessert tour will take you to different locations downtown that both create and serve desserts. You'll be able to enjoy tastings of those creations and learn more about the shops that are giving you the sweet treats.

"Recently, there’s been a huge rise of dessert-oriented establishments. There are many creative chefs and food artisans in this space," said Urpecz.

Here are some of the tour stops to get you in the mood for the dessert tasting:

Kekou Gelato House

Kekou Gelato is a Toronto-based business that serves up Asian-influenced flavours.

Toronto Popcorn Company

Toronto Popcorn Company is a family business that always makes its uniquely-flavoured popcorn fresh.


CXBO makes artisan chocolates that often look more like jewels. This is not your average chocolate.

Little Pebbles

Little Pebbles always makes their desserts fresh and in small batches, and it's also a cafe!

Wafels & More

Wafels & More is the spot for authentic Belgian waffles. Both sweet and savoury waffles are offered for your enjoyment.

The Downtown Dessert & Culture Tour stops at shops in Kensington Market, Old Chinatown, and Queen West.  

"The concertation of places to go mixed with iconic landmarks and interesting stories of the city are just a few reasons [why we chose those neighbourhoods]," said Urpecz.

Along the tour, guides will stop at public art spaces and city landmarks for you to take pictures to document your sweet, sweet trip.

Urpecz guarantees that if you take part in the Downtown Dessert & Culture tour, you'll get delicious desserts, good conversation, and have a great time while doing it.

Tours begin on Aug. 10 and run once every Saturday and once every Sunday until the middle of December.    

Tickets for the tours can be purchased here.

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