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Toronto Dog Owners Are Being Warned About Poisonous Meat Being Left On Trails

The deadly mixture was found near Humber Bay Arch Bridge
Toronto Dog Owners Are Being Cautioned About A Poisonous Meat Being Left On Trails

If you are a Toronto dog owner, you might want to keep your pooch on a tight leash this week. Toronto Police are investigating reports of pill mixed meat being found along a Humber Bay Shores dog-walking path. The poisonous meat was discovered near Humber Bay Arch Bridge, a popular spot for residents and their dogs.

Police announced the investigation on December 28, 2019, after mixtures of ground meat and pills were discovered in a dog-walking area in the Lake Shore Boulevard and Palace Pier areas. The police also indicated in their statement that the incident had been ongoing for three days prior.

Sheryl Johnson, a resident of the area, told that she saw the meat mixture herself while walking her dog last week. She also noted that incidents of dog poisoning are not uncommon in the area.

"Unfortunately, this happens in the area at least once a year," she explained. "Living in a park, dog owners must be very vigilant at all times. Whether it’s a purposeful attempt to hurt dogs or inadvertently dropping a cannabis joint, we are constantly on guard."

At the moment, police have yet to identify the exact type of pill used in the incident. However, the investigation is ongoing. 

Police are cautioning those who walk their dogs in the area to remain on alert.

Anyone with any information is being asked to reach out to Toronto Police Services.

Back in June, an Ottawa dog owner issued a similar warning after her puppy became seriously ill due to THC poisoning.

Sharon Cook noticed that there was something wrong with her dog, Walter, when he seemed unusually fatigued during their walk in Riverain Park, Ottawa.

The 5-month-old pup later collapsed asleep on the ground and had to be carried home.

Shortly after, Cook says he fell into a “coma-like” sleep and began convulsing when she attempted to wake him up.

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