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Toronto Is Already Preparing To Reopen Its Off-Leash Dog Parks Across The City

Tory thinks the announcement could come as soon as tomorrow.
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Dog Parks Are Already Preparing To Reopen Across The City

If your fuzzy friends are getting just as bored as you, there may be some hope in sight. Toronto dog parks could soon be reopening across the city after months of closures. Mayor John Tory revealed on May 13 that he has asked city staff to begin planning how to open the 6ix's off-leash parks to the public.

In an interview with CP24, Tory seemed hopeful on Wednesday morning about lifting the ban on off-leash areas, which he claimed is an appropriate step at this point in the city's lockdown.

"I think that we can get the city to lift that order because I don't really think it does affect, at this stage of the game, public health. So, stay tuned," Tory told CP24.

However, I wouldn't start wagging your tails just yet. The mayor also stressed that the decision is still in the hands of the provincial government. Toronto must get a green light before reopening all park amenities.

Premier Doug Ford officially declared a state of emergency in Ontario on March 17 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The drastic move caused the city and the Ontario government to shut down all off-leash dog areas, playgrounds, and other outdoor park amenities.

Ford announced during a press briefing on May 12 that further details about stage one of the three-step framework for his government's reopening strategy would be revealed on Thursday.

The announcement gave Tory some encouragement that many restrictions regarding pet care would be lifted soon.

"I'm hopeful that some of the things related to pets and dogs may be dealt with in the announcement that the province has to make tomorrow," Tory concluded. 

However, it's not just dog parks that could see the green light in the next few days. Tory also hinted that groomers could also be on the list of areas allowed to reopen. 

"I don't really see the harm either with dog grooming if you do the handing over of the dog or pet... in a careful way. People don't need to have contact, and the same is true with the off-leash parks," he added.

According to reports obtained by CityNews, Ford is planning on announcing that golf courses will be able to open this weekend. 

However, solid details on what exactly will be able to open during phase one of the reopening plan won't be announced until this Thursday. 

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