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All The Proof You Need That Toronto Drivers Have No Idea How To Park (PHOTOS)

Toronto drivers really need to learn how to park.
All The Proof You Need That Toronto Drivers Have No Idea How To Park (PHOTOS)

Anyone who has ever driven in Toronto before knows how chaotic it can be. There is no zen approach to maneuvering your vehicle through the 6ix, so you just have to buckle up and hope for the best. However, what really grinds drivers' gears is trying to find a parking spot, especially one that doesn't cost a fortune. That's precisely what leads many Toronto drivers to take shortcuts and get creative.

A recent Reddit thread captured the spirit of Toronto parking so eloquently it would be a sin not to share it with you all. The thread features a photograph of a silver BMW - it's always a BMW - illegally parked near the intersection of Spadina and Bloor. By "illegally parked" I mean barely parked, like started to park but then just said "Screw it," and left the rest of the city to deal with the inconvenience.

So what? That's just one incident, right? Not even close. Not only is this next driver dreadful at parking, but they have also given the middle finger to anyone trying to exit what looks to be a parking garage:

But, wait - there's more. Much more.

Minor inconveniences aside, bad parking can result in serious disruption to the city's typical traffic flow, especially for streetcars. Bad parking jobs have become somewhat of a serious issue for the TTC. In one case, in particular, the streetcar had no choice but to reverse when a bad parking job completely blocked their path:

If you're one of these people, please do all of Toronto a favour and go back to driving school.

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