A Bunch Of Toronto Drivers Were Caught Going The Wrong Way On The 403 (VIDEO)

These drivers really didn't want to get stuck in traffic.
Toronto Drivers Tried to Make An Illegal U-Turn On The 403 (VIDEO)

Driving in a snowstorm can be confusing. However, it gets even more sloppy when people break the rules of the road for their own convenience, which is precisely what happened on the 403 on Sunday morning. A bunch of Toronto drivers found themselves featured in the always frustrating Reddit thread “idiots in cars,” after Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP stumbled upon a line up of vehicles attempting to make an illegal U-turn on the highway.

In the video, a long stretch of cars can be seen driving the wrong way on the road attempting to make a turn at a construction zone.

Schmidt then pulls up to the herd of misguided motorists and gets out of his car, slowly making his way through the lineup, hopefully, to scold them on their reckless behaviour.

Schmidt later took to Twitter to comment on the incident. “Very dangerous driving behaviour on Highway 403 this morning. Drivers going the wrong way into oncoming traffic through a construction zone. This is very confusing for other motorists and could have resulted in serious collisions.”

It was previously reported that Southwestern Ontario would be hit by a combination of freezing rain and snowfall on Sunday afternoon.

According to The Weather Network, the hours of icy precipitation left a thick coat over much of the area making for dangerous travel conditions.

In the east, snowfall warnings proceeded into the evening alongside the eastern end of Lake Ontario, where a massive pileup shut down Highway 401 and left at least one person dead.

The drivers were likely attempting to avoid being stuck on the highway for hours.

Ontario Provincial Police told CBC that the wreck happened around 2:30 p.m. near Kingston.

The highway didn’t re-opened until 4:30 on Monday morning after being closed for much of Sunday evening, with the cause of Sunday's crash still under investigation.

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