It was an interesting morning on Highway 410 this past Monday, Sept. 16. Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt unintentionally made a video go viral after filming a Toronto driving teacher making an illegal U-turn on the roadway. Awkward.

"What is this?" Schmidt says in the clip as he approaches a vehicle attempting to make the illegal turn. The car in question had a driving school sign on its roof. The officer then pulls the driver over, still not quite believing what he is seeing. "Sorry, not to shame anybody," he adds. "But driving school!"

A woman, who identifies herself as a driving instructor, then gets out of the vehicle and begins trying to remove the sign before Schmidt tells her to stop. The OPP Sergeant then grills the instructor with questions about what he just witnessed.

The woman tries to justify her actions by claiming that she and her student were late for an appointment, before admitting to the officer that she was aware that the turn was illegal. By some miracle, Schmidt decides not to ticket the instructor and sends her on her way with a stern warning and obvious disappointment.

"I really don't know what to tell you other than don't take the New Method Driving School's advice of going through the shoulder and breaking the law just because... you're late for an appointment," Schmidt says at the end of the video the as he watches the duo drive away.

"There's no excuse for that type of behaviour,” he concludes.

Narcity reached out to The New Method Driving School for a comment about the incident. We will update the story once we hear back.