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Toronto Driving Video Shows Reckless Motorist Mount Sidewalk To Overtake Line

Every so often, you see something and you think, "there's a thing that no-one should ever do." Well, one of those incidents was caught on camera in Toronto. Alarming Toronto driving video footage seemingly taken from the passenger seat of a car showed a vehicle mount a residential sidewalk to overtake a lineup on the road.

Toronto's drivers have a tendency to do some stupid things at times, all of us have seen evidence of that at some point.

For example, there was that time recently when a Toronto driving instructor — a Toronto driving instructor, we said — was filmed making an illegal u-turn on Ontario's Highway 410.

That was very, very dumb, and so was this.

Twitter user Matthew Slutsky posted a video on Thursday showing a driver on a narrow residential street in Toronto's Yonge-Eglinton area mounting the curb to drive along the pedestrian sidewalk. On the wrong side of the road, no less.

The reason? All to avoid a little lineup of cars.

In the video, which seems to have been filmed from the passenger seat, a woman can be heard calling the driver an "idiot."

A man then begins to describe the illegal move the driver is making, while the woman urges him to take down the licence plate.

In the caption accompanying the video, Slutsky wrote: "This is a very common occurrence in front of my house." He then goes on to address Toronto City Councillor Mike Colle, Metrolinx, and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

"Kids are going to get killed. This is so unsafe," the tweet finishes.

Cllr. Colle responded to the tweet inviting Slutsky to get in touch to discuss the problem.

Slutsky later added on Twitter: "Sidewalks are not for cars. They are for pedestrians. People's lawns are not for cars either.I've been almost hit three times this year, while walking with my kids on the sidewalk. The last time last month we were missed by six inches."

And concerned Torontonians were quick to express their anger at the driver's foolish action.

The delays on the residential road were caused by construction relating to the Yonge-Eglinton Crosstown, Slutsky explained.

However, and not that this should ever need writing, that does not give drivers licence to flagrantly break the law in such dangerous fashion.

Just wait next time, buddy.

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