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Toronto’s Dufferin Bus Is Still A Disaster Despite The TTC's Efforts To Improve It

There has been a proposed fare reduction because of this.

The 29 Dufferin bus route has been called the worst in the city due to overcrowding, wait times and delays. It is the most overcrowded bus route on the city's transit map, according to TTC Riders, a public transit advocacy group. The Toronto Dufferin bus route is among the top five busiest routes in the city, carrying approximately 43,000 passengers a day on weekdays.On July 25, 2019, TTC Riders publicly released a report called Better Transit Now about none other than Dufferin Station. The report aims to provide a grassroots growth strategy in response to the TTC's most recent Ridership Growth Strategy for the future of the TTC. 

"We are launching this report here at Dufferin Station because it is the most overcrowded bus route on the system and it exemplifies the issues with our transit system," Anna Lermer, a member of the advocacy group, announced to CityNews.One detail of the report is that it calls for a 10% reduction in TTC fares and calls on all levels of government to fund the repairs needed. The hurting condition of the 29 Dufferin bus route is "a symptom of chronic underfunding", says Lermer. 

According to a 2018 report, the annual incremental operating cost of the Dufferin Street Corridor is $1.3 million, while the annual incremental revenue is just $529,000.

Commuters on the Dufferin bus do not disagree that the overcrowding has gotten out of control.

Last summer, there was an official Request To Improve Transit along the Dufferin Street Corridor. Initiatives included adding high capacity buses to the line.

Unfortunately, the issue still persists. 

Narcity has reached out to the TTC's media relations and issues management specialist for comment. We will update this story as soon as we hear back.