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Toronto Election Results Show Liberals Won Every Seat In Toronto

The election results are in, and Trudeau's Liberals have won a minority government in Canada, taking home about 40 percent of the vote. The Toronto election results show that every riding in the city voted Liberal. After last year's Conservative win in most of Ontario, some people are speculating that Doug Ford's failing popularity could've helped out the Liberal win.  CBC News reports that Vote Compass asked 24,623 Ontario respondents from Oct. 11- Oct. 15: "Have Doug Ford's policies in Ontario made you more or less likely to consider voting for the Conservative Party of Canada in the upcoming federal election?" The answer to that question was that 51 percent of people said they were much less likely to support the Conservatives.

Many of the seats that Ford won on a provincial level were taken by the Liberals in the federal election. Markham, Richmond Hill, and Thornhill were the only ridings in the GTA that the Conservatives won. Southern Ontario, on the other hand, was mainly won by the Conservatives. This shows just how divided the province is about politics at this time.

According to CBC News, winning this many seats in the GTA could have been the key to a majority government, but the surprisingly high Bloc Québécois' votes in Quebec and the Conservative sweep of Western Canada was what made it a minority government. 

Ford's own home base in Etobicoke was also won by the Liberals, just a year after the provincial elections, where the Conservatives won. A huge change of heart in this region is evident and may be a sign that Toronto is done with Doug Ford. Trudeau's rivalry with the premier must've done him well in this election. 

Some people on Twitter expressed their opinions. One user tweeted in response to the overwhelming Liberal win in Toronto, saying that "Toronto hates Doug Ford so much nobody wanted to take any chances."

To which somebody replied, "exactly what it was."

It is pretty obvious that Ford's cuts to services have left people with a bad taste in their mouth, to say the least. 

There are theories that Trudeau's vocal rivalry with Ford was a strategy to help him win over Toronto, especially after all of the damage Ford has been doing recently. 

Cristine de Clercy, an associate political science professor at Western University, told CP24 that this election "offered frustrated Ontario voters a way to punish Mr. Ford for the unpopularity of his policies before the next provincial election," she said. "So certainly that opportunity, it seems like some voters took full advantage of it."This is even more evident in the fact that Scheer stayed very far away from any association with Ford, even though they are both Conservatives, and Ford won a majority last year. 

Mayor Tory has since congratulated Trudeau in an official statement he tweeted. He says they will now work together to address housing, gun violence, and transit in Toronto, as promised. 

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