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Toronto Expected To Be Hit By 15 Cm Of Snow Tomorrow And Coldest Weather Yet This Week

15cm of snow and cold temperatures are the forecast for Toronto this week according to the Weather Network.
Toronto Expected To Be Hit By 15 Cm Of Snow Tomorrow And Coldest Weather Yet This Week

Winter may have started late this year, but it is definitely making up for lost time. Ever since 2019 has started it seems that we have been getting hit with snow storms, rain, extreme cold, and high winds non-stop and it has to stop at some point, right? Unfortunately, this week is not the week that you can say goodbye to the constant winter storms. The Weather Network has issued a report that Toronto will receive up to 15 cm of snow on Monday, while other areas around Ontario can see up to 20 cm of snow.

Snow is expected to hit southern and central Ontario between early and mid-afternoon and move into eastern Ontario in the evening and late-night hours. Most of southern Ontario can expect to see anywhere from 10-20 cm, while Toronto is expected to see 10-15 cm throughout the day.

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This snowfall is expected to stay into Monday night and has the potential to possibly turn into a rain and snow mix that can last throughout Monday night and into early Tuesday morning. Niagara and parts of the Hamilton region have the most possibility to see some rain during this snow storm.

Via The Weather Network

 Yet snow isn’t the only thing to worry about this week. Torontonians can also expect to witness some of the coldest air of the winter coming into the middle and end of this week. These cold temperatures can be expected to last all the way into March as well, so be sure to get ready for the two months of winter that is still set to be ahead of us.

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Of course, this messy storm can cause a harsh commute for Monday and Tuesday, so be cautious while commuting to work or school within the next few days. Not only is the snow going to cause for a slippery and unplowed drive, but if rain does hit the GTA throughout Monday and Tuesday the water accumulation will freeze as temperatures start to plummet again later into Tuesday.

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So make sure to give yourself extra time tomorrow and Tuesday and to drive with caution on your commutes.

Source: The Weather Network 

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