It is going to be bitterly cold in Toronto tonight. An extreme weather alert has been issued for the city ahead of an expected temperature drop on Wednesday night. So, if you got plans tonight, you’re going to want to layer up or stay inside.

Temperatures in the GTA are expected to drop down to a chilling -13 C by tomorrow morning, which will, of course, feel closer to -16 with the bitter wind chill.

Despite this, Environment Canada reported that Toronto will reach a daytime high of -4 C today before eventually seeing its temperature drop into the negative double-digits.

CP24 reported that extreme cold weather alerts are typically only issued when the temperature is forecast to dip below -15 C or when the wind chill is expected to drop below -20 C.

If you are planning to be outside today, it is advised that you dress warmly, stay dry and avoid prolonged exposure to the cold.

The alert also allows city staff to offer additional services to Toronto’s at-risk homeless population, including providing more shelter beds and opening warming centres.

Another drastic weather shift is expected to take place on Friday, with the temperature expected to rocket out of the cold, reaching 9 C.

However, rain is also likely, so you might want to keep an umbrella handy.

Environment Canada also warned that a low-pressure system would impact southern Ontario this weekend, which means that Ontarians can expect to see rain, freezing rain, and snow.

Travel conditions are also likely to be impacted, so if you’re planning to fly this weekend, you might want to double-check on the day that your flight isn't cancelled.

It looks like you may want to grab your winter jacket and your umbrella because this week is going to be a doozy. 

Further warnings are expected to be issued as we move closer to the weekend.

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