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Toronto Finally Has A Website Where You Can Report People's Shitty Parking Jobs

It's no secret that Toronto's rapid growth as a city in the past ten years has crippled the parking situation downtown. From the loss of parking lots to limited roadside parking options, it's not unusual for Toronto drivers to leave at least a half hour earlier than they planned just to hunt for a parking spot. 

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Of course, the combination of a lack of options and general frustration with the congestion in the city makes for the perfect storm when it comes to terrible parking jobs. Whether it's cars parking in non-parking areas, blocking entrances or just doing an overall bad job at parking in a spot, it can really throw off other drivers. Unfortunately, drivers never really had anyone to complain to that could do anything about it - that is, until now. 

It turns out that there have been enough parking issues in the city that the Toronto Police have now created a website where drivers can actually report bad parking.

If you think that designating a website to the issue sounds a little extreme, consider this. In 2017, there were around 158,000 parking complaints recorded to the Toronto Police. That number takes up a whopping 10 percent of the calls that police receive throughout the entire year. 

Clearly, the site was quite necessary and thankfully the website's interface is as straightforward as it could get. It allows you to make a complaint about a standalone issue or a repeated offence. With offences ranging from obstructed lanes and driveways to a three-hour overtime parking complaint. Though the website makes it very clear that any false accusations are considered a criminal offence. 

Meaning if you saw an illegal parking incidentthis morning, you now have the chance to actually be able to do something about it! To place current or future reports, you can visit the Toronto Police's new website for the feature by clicking here

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