Planning a trip tends to be a costly decision even before you decide where to travel. With no end to Ontario's winter in sight, escaping to a tropical getaway might sound pretty ideal. Well, you're in luck, as from January until March 2020, Toronto flights to Mexico are on sale for super cheap. Some are even direct flights!

With threats of horrible weather conditions for Toronto this weekend, you might want to book a flight out of here ASAP.

As uncovered on the Secretflying website, there are cheap flights from Toronto to seven different Mexican cities for under $365 available right now until March.

The flights are under Aeromexico and there's a long list of flexible dates you can book.

At this time, the average cost of these flights with Aeromexico to Mexico City are $333 (non-stop), La Paz at $333, Cancun at $339, Oaxaca at $341, Huatulco at $345, Merida at $348, and San Jose del Cabo at $362.

These are only flight prices, of course. So, you'll have to splash out a bit more if you plan on staying at a resort or a hotel. Aeromexico does have vacation packages, though.

There is a list of fixed days for travel time, and the vacays average out at around seven days each. A week's worth of a break in sunny Mexico? Sounds pretty, pretty good right about now.

Don't let us tell you what to do, but this seems like the perfect opportunity to explore Mexico and enrich yourself in the beautiful culture the country has to offer.

The travel times don't seem to be too rough for travellers, either. Especially if you head to Mexico City, where flights are direct so there's no messing around with a long layover.

This is an ideal chance for a solo adventure or to grab a bunch of your friends and head south for an affordable price.

Also, might we add, it's a perfect excuse to get out of this freezing cold weather.

If Mexico is a bit of a stretch for you but you're still looking for that tropical weekend getaway, you can rent a luxury yacht in Toronto this spring with you and four of your friends.

Mexico for under $350 in the heart of Ontario's winter, though? Time to turn that dream into a reality.

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