Torontonians Could Be Paying Almost $90 More For Their Garbage Bins Next Year

The city is expecting to cut rebates for garbage bins.
Toronto Garbage Bin Could Be Costing Residents Way More In 2020

The City of Toronto is considering raising the prices of its garbage bins in 2020, so you could find yourself paying even more to dispose of your trash. The reasoning behind this price increase is because rebates on the wastebins could be cut, leaving Torontonians with the responsibility of paying more for bins. Toronto garbage containers could cost an extra $86 if this is approved. Right now, the cost of a bin is around $100 with the rebate program. Next year it could go up to $186 if the proposal gets the green light, according to CBC.The actual cost of a small bin is $260, but the rebate gives residents back $160, leaving them with a $100 fee for a small wastebin. The city is considering cutting the rebate cost in half.However, it seems that the small containers would see the highest price increase. A medium bin costs about $242, but without the rebate program, it would go up to about $323.The phasing out of rebates on small to medium bins was proposed by city staff on Friday, November 15, according to the Toronto Star.The city council will reach a decision on the matter in mid-December.A breakdown of the costs can be seen in the chart below. It shows the rebate amounts in 2019 and the changes that we could see in 2020 if this goes through. 

“The rebate was dropped to balance our budget instead of raising taxes, which is unfortunate for encouraging people to have small bins, but we knew this was coming,” Councillor Mike Layton told the Toronto Star.

Some Torontonians are arguing that this is punishing people who use the least amount of trash since the small garbage bins are the ones that are increasing in cost the most. Large bin prices are only set to go up by about $11 dollars, extra-large containers by $13, while small bins are proposed to go up by $86.

One Twitter user even stated, "Let me understand this. We have a small bin & strive to produce the minimum amount of garbage possible. Our cost goes up $86. Yet, those with x-large bins who add more to our landfill pay an extra $13. Where except in Toronto would this happen??"

While another user wrote, "Sure. Use less pay more!"

Residents can still opt out of the bin program altogether and go for the garbage tags, which cost $170 annually. 

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