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Toronto Garbage Disposal Company Dumps Three Tons Of Trash On To Front Lawn

Oh Toronto, you never cease to keep us on our toes. What with all your car brawls and horse & buggy DUI's, we can barely keep up. However, this takes the cake for the most ridiculous incident we've seen.  A recent video posted to Reddit shows a Toronto trash disposal company dumping a crap ton (pun intended) of garbage on a customers front lawn.

We can safely say the video is 8 minutes of pure gold. The person filming is hysterical, even in the midst of having garbage take over his garden. It's action packed complete with key stealing, screaming, and ending off with dual calls to the police.

It just goes to show that you can never be too careful when working with a company like this. So keep yourselves informed, and don't let people try to run you over with their bull$hit. Or else you could end up like this guy.


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