21 Toronto-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas That Are So 6ix It Hurts

Represent the 6ix this Halloween!
21 Toronto-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas That Are So 6ix It Hurts
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Halloween is fast approaching, and once more we are all faced with the weighty decision of what to wear. Should you go as something cute, scary, funny, or just the same thing as last year? To avoid dressing as a ghost yet again, it's time to turn to some creative, local costume ideas that will make this year's Halloween the best one yet. Celebrate your city with these 21 Toronto Halloween costume ideas.

Forget the stress of choosing an outfit, we've picked out some awesome costume ideas every Torontonian will love. You'll wish you could still trick-or-treat just to show off your Halloween-wear.

A "Trash Panda" (a.k.a. Raccoon)

Why You Need It: Toronto has been called the "raccoon capital of the world" , and you can't take a trip to the city without seeing one.

The CN Tower

Why You Need It: What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Toronto? For most people, it's the iconic CN Tower.

A Blue Jay

Why You Need It: Dress as a literal bluejay, or a Toronto Blue Jays player and rep your city's favourite baseball team.

Shawn Mendes

Why You Need It: Bonus points for drinking from a Shawn Mendes Tim Hortons cup at the same time.

Graffiti Alley

Why You Need It: Blend in with Toronto's famous alley by decorating yourself in graffiti this Halloween.

Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Why You Need It: Dress as one of Toronto's all-time favourite sandwiches for a deliciously-good costume.

A TTC Sign Or Vehicle

Why You Need It: Take this costume to the next level by being late to parties and telling people you're out of service whenever they approach you.

The Distillery District

Why You Need It: Make a "Gooderham & Worts" sign and carry a (pretend) bottle of whiskey.

Tim Hortons

Why You Need It: Tim Hortons is Toronto's favourite coffee chain, and we know so because the 6ix just got its very own Tim Hortons upscale boutique cafe . Their food makes for the perfect costumes. Dress as Timbits, donuts, or even a Timmies drive-thru window. Take a look at this website to see how you can make your own Tim Hortons costume.


Why You Need It: Represent Toronto by dressing as their beloved celebrity.

CN Tower Walk

Why You Need It: Wear a red jumpsuit and harness as if you're about to walk the edge of the CN Tower.

Mean Girls

Why You Need It: Mean Girls was filmed all over Toronto, so why not go as one of these iconic characters? You can make it a group costume or go solo. No matter what you choose, you're going to look fetch! Here are a few ideas for your "meanest" look.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Why You Need It: Of course, nothing says "Toronto" like their famous hockey team. Dress in a jersey or as an actual maple leaf.

A Traffic Jam

Why You Need It: Toronto traffic is something we can all relate to. Get a group of friends together and dress in car costumes for a "traffic jam" look. Or dress as a car yourself and carry around a jar of jam.

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Cone

Why You Need It: This heavenly Toronto ice cream store is everyone's favourite place for a treat, plus it makes a super fun costume. Follow these simple instructions to make an ice cream outfit, then add a "Sweet Jesus" sash, sign, or pin.


Why You Need It: Almost every Torontonian has a PRESTO card. Just decorate a large piece of cardboard like a PRESTO card and hang it around your neck for the perfect Toronto outfit.

Bubble Tea

Why You Need It: Toronto can't get enough of this tapioca drink, and it makes a super adorable costume too.

Toronto Raptors

Why You Need It: This was the Raptors' championship year, and what better way to celebrate their success than with a Raptors Halloween costume. Dress in a jersey or as an actual Raptor.

Hanging Clouds

Why You Need It: The "Into The Clouds" installation was an adorable Toronto favourite this year, and makes for a cute costume. This works as a group costume too!

A Construction Sign

Why You Need It: Anyone who's ever been to Toronto knows all about the constant construction going on. You can buy this ready-made costume on Amazon Canada , or DIY.

Infinity Mirrors

Why You Need It: We've all gazed upon the mesmerizing infinity mirrors, and your costume will be mesmerizing too. Simply attach a bunch of mirrors to yourself (we suggest plastic mirrors to avoid seven years of bad luck) and you're all set. You could even use silver Christmas baubles.

Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Travel Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Toronto, Ontario.