You Can Scream Through A Carnival From Hell At This Nightmare Toronto Fairground And OMG

You'll have nightmares for days.
Toronto Halloween Attraction Screemers Is Back With New Carnival Of Carnage

Halloween season will soon be upon us! If you live for fear, horror, and the rush of not knowing what to expect, this huge haunted attraction will leave you terrified. Screemers is back this year with new attractions and location to lay its claim to being the very best Toronto Halloween attraction.

At Screemers Toronto, you'll have the misfortune of walking through seven haunted and horrific mazes that'll bring a chill down your spine. With over 120 live scare actors, you're always sure to have a terrifying experience.

2019, though, is something else entirely. You'll also have the chance to experience a brand new 3D haunted attraction called the Carnival of Carnage, where everything is very much not what it seems.

"Visitors of Screemers will walk through this attraction and take in all the usual sites and sounds of a classic fair — midway games, fun houses, candy booths, amusement rides, freak shows and more. But something with this carnival has gone seriously wrong," Andrew Gidaro, Owner of Screemers, tells Narcity.

"This is a midway full of unthinkable horrors, and it's a nightmare that appeals to your greatest fears. If guests are not careful, they may end up trapped in this carnival of horrors."

Meanwhile, The Kill Show, a mind-boggling illusion act which debuted last year, has gone through some new changes that'll leave you feeling uneasy.

"The Kill Show, our horror illusion theatrical production is returning for its second year, and this year, the show is bigger and bloodier with three new executions added to the roster from last year," adds Gidaro.

This scary event will be held at what they call the "Better Dead" (Living) Center and all attractions will be held indoors.

And to make your Clown paranoia even worse, they just added a new section to the Slasher Wax Museum with an entire theme dedicated to "IT".

According to the Screemers website, the average visit to Screemers lasts about an hour-and-a-half to two hours, but guests can stay however long they like.

Pizza Pizza and The Vampire Lounge, which will be serving up some adult beverages, will be available to guests. 

Starting Oct. 11, victims can set their fate by purchasing tickets online or at the door. Screemers does not sell out so you can buy tickets any night that they are open.

Screemers is a high-startle, high-scare event, so it is recommended for victims 10 years of age and above only. Screemers advises you to use your own discretion.

Haunt your own dreams this October for ... fun?


Price: $34.95 plus tax

When: Every Friday and Saturday starting on Oct. 11 to Nov. 2 and Halloween night!

Address: Better Dead Centre, 195 Princes Blvd.

Why You Need To Go: This is the freakiest, most horrifying Halloween experience of all, and you have to see it. Unless you want to sleep at night, of course.

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