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Toronto Handled Yesterday’s Snowstorm With True Canadian Spirit (PHOTOS)

Torontonians rallied on Wednesday night, despite the record-setting snowfall.
Toronto Handled Yesterday’s Snowstorm With True Canadian Spirit (PHOTOS)

While some complained about Toronto'lack of snow removal last night, others were taking the storm in stride, viewing the heavy snowfall as an opportunity to show off their Canadian pride. Torontonians are no strangers to harsh winters, giving them the upper-hand when it comes to dealing with the cold and snow.

Despite getting dumped on by nearly 20 cm of snow, Torontonians still managed to go about their daily lives unperturbed. Even bike couriers appeared to be not at all phased by the blizzard and were spotted all around the city making deliveries.

In one hilarious video blowing up on Reddit right now, a Toronto cyclist is seen riding by snowplows which is conveniently clearing his path for him in what can only be described as the most Canadian team up I have ever seen.

Via thesecretbg16 | Reddit

The last snowstorm of February didn’t deter these determined cyclists. That’s how we roll in Toronto.#TorontoWinterscape #TorontoBikescape #bikeTO #bikingTO #TorontoMotionscape

February 28, 2019

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Other city dwellers took to social media to ask for snow shovelling to be included in the next Olympics. Which would be a sight to see - a bunch of burly Canadians tossing piles of snow over their shoulders for a gold medal, who wouldn’t pay to see that?

Snow shovelling should be an Olympic sport. #Toronto #snowstorm #makeitathing

February 28, 2019

Torontonians were also keeping their commitments across the city despite facing a storm which would persuade any reasonable people to cancel and stay in, but we are a different breed of people here in the six.

The #brave #kids that made it through the snow storm to #train #bjj #Yorkdalemartialarts #bo4 #bodyoffourteam #toronto #yorkdale

February 28, 2019

Not even a snowstorm could keep us from this! What a great story! #comefromaway #toronto #gander #Newfoundland

February 28, 2019

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And if you were wondering how much snow fell exactly, “Total snowfall accumulations of 15 to 20 cm" fell across the city, with the highest amounts closer to Lake Ontario, Environment Canada explained in its weather advisory last night.

It is always heartwarming to see people rise above unfortunate circumstances and make the best of them. Torontonians did just that and more during yesterday’s record-setting snowfall.

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