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Toronto Has A New Meal Prep Delivery Service And It’s Actually Affordable

No cooking required.

Let’s get real, guys: we know there's about a million and one things you'd rather be doing than meal prep. Like, absolutely anything (seriously, staring at a wall sounds more appealing). 

Okay, fine, maybe you’re one of those “I like to cook” types (but if you're still reading, chances are you’re not). Or maybe you’re just looking to free up a little bit of time at chez vous. 

Whatever the case, the truth is this: meal prep is hella time-consuming. In the words of one of our fave viral sensations: ain’t nobody got time for that!

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That’s exactly why we’re high-key crushing on Toronto’s latest meal prep delivery service, CleanBite. With a mission to create a healthier, better-fed world, CleanBite is the real, real deal.

The best part? There’s no cooking required (say wha?!). That’s right: no. cooking. required. All of CleanBite’s meals are prepared shortly before delivery and come ready-to-eat.

Oh yeah, and their food is delicious af, not to mention healthy, too. In fact, CleanBite’s executive chef hails from the Mediterranean region.

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What does this mean for you? A unique yet totally tasty take on some of your fave eats. Think classics like chicken shawarma and pasta bolognese, and delish veggie picks like balsamic glazed tofu [insert drooling face emoji, please and thanks].

Okay okay, all this is well and good, right? But how does it all work? Here’s the scoop (pun most definitely intended): You select meals on a pay-per-meal or subscription basis.

Following your order, the fine folks at CleanBite then select *fresh* (yes, fresh) ingredients from their premium suppliers, then cook the meals of your choosing and deliver them right to your doorstep, office or wherever you are in and around the city.  

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It gets betterCleanBite’s ingredients are never frozen and deliveries are made twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays; you can pick a time that’s convenient to you,  between 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Think Monday deliveries for the week, and Thursday deliveries for the weekend. Now that’s a prepared meal delivery service we can get behind.

Okay fine, we’ve got another confession: it gets even better. Yes, even better. According to CleanBite, each meal works out to be less than $12. That’s pretty much 2.5 lattes (maybe three, if you’re one of those super budget savvy types). And, umm, need we mention *again* that each meal is chef-cooked? Talk about serious bang for your buck.

Via CleanBite

Plus, meals are about 500-600 calories of nutrient-dense ingredients, giving you that feeling of ~satisfaction~ so you feel fuller longer. Translation: CleanBite meals are great for weight loss or just your general healthy-eating kick, so the only thing you’ll be binging on is Netflix.

Thankfully for you, CleanBite’s ordering process is dead simple and fully web-based (yay for technology!). So let’s review, shall we? CleanBite is the healthy, convenient, no-cooking-required meal prep delivery service that’s affordableno, you haven't died and gone to heaven. 

Save your time and your sanity (because if you’re anything like us, there’s little of either). Check out all the fun facts or just stare at all the delicious meal pics on CleanBite’s website. You can also find CleanBite on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.