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No Tribble cocktail. Right: Interior of Offworld Bar.

No Tribble cocktail. Right: Interior of Offworld Bar.

There's a new bar in Toronto, and it's literally out of this world. Offworld Bar will take you straight to outer space with its extraterrestrial decor and drinks that look like they were made for aliens.

The venue had its grand opening on October 14 and is a sister bar of Storm Crow Manor, also known as "Toronto's geekiest bar." The entire place is themed around outer space, from the 3D holograms to the unique menu items.

Courtesy of Offworld Bar

Inside, you'll find an "immersive window experience" that will transport you to different planets and locations. The space is designed around the idea of "planet hopping," and you can discover sci-fi features like blasters, Rancor heads, Xenophaunas, trapped aliens, and other surprises.

Courtesy of Offworld Bar

The cocktails are just as unique as the decor, and you can order boozy drinks like The Hivemind, which has two compartments and allows you to mix it yourself.

The No Tribble is an Insta-worthy tequila sangria beverage that comes covered in cotton candy, and other drinks include the Launch Pad and the Escape Pod.

Courtesy of Offworld Bar

The tapas and snacks-style menu was created by Chef Alvin Aroonassalon, and you can enjoy dishes like Galactic Guacamole, Solarium Kale Caesar, and Old Earth Oysters.

The futuristic space bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday, and if you're craving a unique experience, you'll want to jet off to this spot.

Offworld Bar

Courtesy of Offworld Bar

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Tapas, snacks

Address: 739 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Take a trip to outer space at this new extraterrestrial bar.


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