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Toronto Has A Serial Pooper And He's Been Crapping All Over The City

A Toronto neighbourhood has been plagued with a pretty crappy problem lately. For the last few weeks a mysterious man has been literally shitting in people's gardens and playgrounds. 

Residents in the Queen St W and Peter St neighbourhood say someone has pooped in their area at least six times in the past few weeks, but the problem has been going on for a few years. He has taken a dump behind their houses, in bushes by the school, and other public places. 

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The man responsible has received many different nicknames from his questionable acts such as Pooping Tom, The Fecal Felon, The Phantom Crapper, The Mad Pooper, and The Butt-ler. 

Some residents have actually spotted the man and are able to describe him. Others have even captured a picture of him, wearing a tshirt and carrying a Tim Horton's cup, or have security camera footage of him from their homes. 

BRAUN: Phantom crapper leaves deposits in downtown neighbourhood

June 5, 2018

The phantom crapper is described as a man, 5 foot 8 inches tall, approximately 160-180 lbs, and has short, salt and pepper hair. Residents also say he wears glasses.  When he first started shitting in their neighbourhood people thought he may be homeless, but since seeing him they don't believe he is. 

The kicker is that according to residents he uses toilet paper while committing his crimes meaning not only could he be seen carrying a roll around with him, but that he has the foresight to bring it with him confirming these are premeditated and intentional actions. 

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Toronto Police confirmed that there is an officer assigned to this case and that the shitty situation is under investigation. 

Source: Toronto Sun

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