With Spring just around the corner, the weather has finally started to warm up for Torontonians. Yet, with this warm Spring weather, a lot of rain follows with it. With rain expected to fall throughout the rest of the weekend, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has released a flood outlook alert throughout the area. 

With Toronto expecting to get up to 10mm of rain throughout the day, along with the rain that we have been experiencing throughout the weekend, the TRCA warns that localized flooding can occur. 

As temperatures continue to rise above zero throughout the day, snowbanks will also continue to melt, adding to the amount of water that needs to be drained from the streets. The Weather Network is warning homeowners to clear any storm drains to allow for water to be drained properly throughout the storm. 

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The TRCA also warns that those who live near bodies of water are also at a greater risk of flooding this week. As temperatures continue to rise, the significant amount of ice that has been covering rivers is expected to melt and can overflow. 

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While the warning applies especially to those who live near bodies of water, all residents of the GTA should be cautious this week as the flood warning is in place for the whole region. 

Flooding isn't the only thing Torontonians should be expecting as these storms continue to move through. Strong wind gusts are also in the forecast this weekend.

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Environment Canada has even released a weather statement for the City of Toronto due to strong southwest winds. These winds are expected to develop throughout the afternoon and are expected to reach 80 km/hr. 

Environment Canada warns that these winds may be strong enough to damage trees and power outages may occur in more isolated areas. However, the wind is expected to ease throughout Sunday night. 

The good news is, that Spring is finally around the corner and Torontonians can expect warmer temperatures throughout the week and later sunsets since it's officially Daylight Savings Time.