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Toronto Has Over 400 New Skyscrapers Planned And Construction In The City Is Going To Get Way Worse

The new projects are going to completely change the Ontario capital.

Construction is something that just comes with living in any major city across the world. When millions of people live in one place, development is key to making a functional living space for so many. 

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Living in Toronto, it's the exact same. The hustle and bustle that comes with being Canada's largest city mean that construction can be seen on every corner and new condo buildings are always rising right before our eyes.

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The issues that come with construction work actually inspired one man to write a letter to all the commuters who a rude to him for just doing his job. In his piece, he reminded people that his job is not to randomly set up shop anywhere in the city and that these projects are planned. 

The city even lists these projects online and you can see what areas are going to be affected by new residential buildings, road updates, and other projects. Yet, it still feels like Toronto is getting worse and worse for more congestion in the core every year. 

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In fact, according to the Rider Levett Bucknall Crane index, Toronto is about to start building at an even more accelerated rate. For the second year in a row, the Ontario capital actually is home to the most construction cranes in North America, with a total of 97 currently in use.  

The report also states that Toronto is going to see a boost in spending on infrastructure. Looking at the skyline in Toronto will be vastly different in the next few years and that's all because of the rapid construction taking over the city. 

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The map above shows pins for all of the 393 proposed skyscrapers that are planned on being built in the city. The map does not include the 184 that are already under construction and three that are currently on hold. 

With over 400 new projects in the works, Toronto, as we know it, will be changed drastically, especially across the downtown core moving towards the north and west. 

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The buildings in these proposals must be over 35 metres tall, or equivalent to almost 12 storeys high. While the CN Tower will still loom at 553.3 meters high, the buildings proposed will be large projects that will fill downtown and northern parts of the city. 

Over the last 50 years, there has been rapid development throughout Toronto The population of the city was only 1,824,481 in 1961 compared to 2,731,571 in 2016. That means that almost a million people have flocked to Ontario's capital in half a century. 

More people means more buildings for residents to live in but the development since 2005 has been larger than anything ever seen before. The map above shows that next year in 2019, Toronto will have completed 25 brand new skyscrapers in the city. 

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Still, the construction comes with more delays than just traffic. Speciality equipment has been compromised in the past when regular civilians get curious about it. 

GIRL ON THE CRANE (2017) pic.twitter.com/skfygho6Za

April 26, 2017

Everyone remembers the crane girl of 2017 when she climbed 12 storeys up and had to be rescued after sitting above the city for four hours. 

Two teenage boys in Toronto also climbed up a crane and were caught on video earlier this year. Just last week another woman was rescued after being found topless from a crane that was building a condominium on Lakeshore Blvd. 

#cranerescue update: woman in handcuffs and safety harness now being escorted by police and firefighters @CTVToronto pic.twitter.com/uGZHahBWm9

August 16, 2018

The city making moves for new projects means that beloved buildings are going to be knocked down in order to make room for all the new projects around the city. The changes the come with gentrification are already being fought against in various neighbourhoods across the city. 

Major projects, like 400 skyscrapers, will be completely changing the views that come with living in Toronto. While development may benefit the city, it'll be interesting to see how locals react to 400 major changes in the city skyline.