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7 Tweets About Toronto’s Heatwave That Perfectly Describe Your Sweaty Misery

Everyone’s trying to beat the heat — even dogs.
Toronto Heatwave Memes That Will Make You Feel Better About Sweating So Much

If you live in Toronto, you're already aware of the sweltering heat that has taken over the 6ix. With July on track to having one of the longest hot streaks on record, residents are still trying to find ways to cool down. These Toronto heatwave memes will make you feel better about sweating so much. 

As temperatures continue to float above 30 C, there is no end in sight to the humidity that the city has been dealing with. 

In fact, The Weather Network had announced that Thursday marked the eighth day in a row where Torontonians haven't had a break from the heat. 

While thunderstorms are expected to hit the city this weekend, it doesn't mean that temperatures will plummet. 

The humidity will rise again by the middle of next week and will be sticking around for a while. 

So if you haven't bought an AC unit yet, you might want to start looking at Kijiji. 

Luckily, Torontonians aren't without a sense of humour, and you can always count on Twitter to be filled with gems about miserable situations such as these.

Walking Like It's Hot

It's always an awful time when you can feel the sun literally melting the sunscreen off your body.

No Pants Dance

Who can be bothered with pants at a time like these? It might finally be time to bring back jeans shorts.

It's Even Hot For The Doggos

You know it's starting to get hot when even the local dog needs to go for a dip.

Thunderstorm Appreciation Post

Rarely do people wish for thunderstorms on a beautiful summer day, but this heatwave has got people desperate for rain.

Heat Vibes

I feel like we could all learn a lesson from this pooch. Lay next to the air conditioner and never stray from it.

The Long Summer

Never have we been reminded so much on a daily basis that the sun is a ball of burning fire in the sky.

Cool Down Routine

Step one: get day drunk. Repeat step one forever.

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