Toronto's Cherry Blossom Trees Are Finally Expected To Bloom Later This Week

High park is going to look stunning next week!
Toronto's Cherry Blossom Trees Are Finally Expected To Bloom Later This Week

Mark your calendars, it's almost cherry blossom time. The Toronto High Park cherry blossoms are expected to bloom this week, according to the official cherry blossom tracker. 

The tracker is run by the High Park Nature Centre. They provide preliminary estimates of when the cherry blossoms will be in their peak blooming stage. Based on the latest predictions, released today the beautiful pink, cherry blossoms will reach their peak later this week, between May 2 and May 8. 

These predictions are really important for cherry blossom enthusiasts to plan their visits to the park since cherry blossom trees are actually only open for four to 10 days, depending on the weather conditions. 

Based on how the buds are looking today, which based on the photo is big, green and pink, and getting ready to open, High Park estimates that the peak blooming season could be coming soon. 

In an update on their Instagram, the High Park Nature Centre said, "UPDATE: today many of the buds are still in Stage 2 however many of the buds on Cherry Hill have progressed into Stage 3! We can expect to see the Cherry Blossoms blooming sometime within the next 10 days. Keep your fingers crossed 🤞 that the cold weather doesn’t impact the buds development ❄️🌸"

This announcement that the cherry blossoms are coming soon is especially well timed today since Mayor John Tory was in High Park this morning to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Toronto's Cherry Blossoms. 

He was joined by Takako Ito, the Consul General of Japan in Toronto, to mark that it has been 60 years since Japan gifted Toronto with 2000 Sakura trees. They also commemorated the occasion by planting one more tree. 

On top of the exciting news about the cherry blossoms opening soon, High Park is also reminding visitors that they are going car-free this year. During peak blooming season no vehicles will be allowed in High Park in order to protect the visitors and the trees. 

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