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Toronto Home For Sale Comes With Amazing Heated Driveway To Banish Those Winter Blues

If you’ve ever slipped and fallen on the ice, or spent way too long shovelling your way out of the driveway after a huge snowfall, then you know just how annoying winter can be. I mean, is there really anything more frustrating than having to endure hard physical labour just to embark on your daily work commute? Probably not. So, if you dread snow shovelling, then the heated driveway in this Toronto home for sale might appeal to you.

If you’re wondering, heated driveways use underground tubes that pump hot water and anti-freeze through them when the temperatures start to drop. 

This process works to melt snow and ice so that you never have to worry about shovelling those heaping piles of white garbage again. 

Located on 218 Hollywood Ave., this stunning $3.3-million, five-bedroom, five-bathroom home has you covered when it comes to surviving Canadian winters. 

From the conveniently heated driveway to the private sauna and two wood-burning fireplaces, you’re sure to feel warm and snug all year round. 

A mix of marble and warm hardwood accents make this house look as cozy as it feels. 

So if you’re someone who's literally always cold, this just might be your perfect dream home.

According to Century 21, the home comes equipped with a built-in barbeque, which is the perfect location for a summer patio party. 

Of course, with a charming breakfast room, dining room, and immaculate kitchen, there’s no shortage of places where you could serve up delicious meals for your friends.

The home comes fully stocked with all the usual appliances.

Plus, all the existing beautiful light fixtures come with the home, so you can swing from the chandeliers. Or, at least sing about it, Sia-style.

And if you thought the driveway couldn’t get much better, think again. The entire lot is enclosed in a stunning iron and brick fence that will surely make you feel like royalty.

218 Hollywood Avenue 

Price: $3,300,000

Address: 218 Hollywood Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This heated driveway home will make dealing with winter easier than ever. And it's pretty neat inside, too.

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