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This GTA Wooden Fortress For Sale Comes With Its Own Arcade & Bowling Alley

This place is the perfect getaway house!
Toronto Home For Sale Is A Massive Cottage With Its Own Bowling Alley

Do you enjoy living large, but want to get away from the city? Are you constantly let down by summer trips to boring regular size cottages? Well, fret not because your settling days are over. For $20 million, you can throw away the keys to your Toronto home and move out to your own personal super cottage that looks like an amazing wooden fortress

14600 Weston Rd., located in King City, Ontario, is a six-bedroom and eight-bathroom mega cabin that gives you all the benefits of being outdoors without actually having to sacrifice any comfort.

The place, which offers 14,000 square feet of living space, is described as having a “rustic ambiance within its modern log and stone grandeur.” 

Seriously, the living room looks like a mini Great Wolf's Lodge, minus the water slides. However, what the places lacks in water park amenities it certainly makes up for it in other departments.

Amongst the woodsy mansion’s unique features are its arcade and private bowling alley.

So, whenever you have a tough day at the office, you can bowl off some steam or duke it out in a couple of rounds of old school street fighter. However, you will need a partner for table hockey.

The exterior of the home comes with a tennis court, pool, hot tub, and off to the side, there is a butler’s residence.

Yes, I said butler’s residence. The estate actually comes with a home for your own personal servant, which just screams class. 

The home’s location also gives its owner easy access to the highway as well as private schools.

Although it would be hard to imagine leaving this place very often, considering it seems like it has everything.

If you’re looking for a home equally as fancy but a little closer to civilization, I would recommend you check out this spot.

Wooden Fortress 

Price: $20,000,000

Address: 14600 Weston Rd., King City, ON

Description: Your own personal super cottage that comes with an arcade and bowling alley. 

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