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Toronto House For Sale Is So Zen It Will Make Any Minimalists Dreams Come True

Have you ever wondered what your house would feel like if you cleared all the stuff out of it? Though not many people live like this, it can be a great way to clear the clutter in your mind. This Toronto house for sale is so zen it will make every minimalist's dreams come true. From the outside, the home is a very modern-looking and sleek property. It sticks out from its neighbours with its boxy design and glassy exterior, which lets a lot of light in.It may look modest and small from the outside, but when you head inside, it is overflowing with space due to its minimalist design. It's quite a classy property. The artwork on the walls really accentuates the living space instead of cluttering it.  Minimalist designs are definitely a great way to have an inviting property, especially when it comes to the small homes that Toronto is best known for. 

The home has white oak floors and the kitchen is decked with a 16' island with space for dining chairs. It's so sleek and perfect. 

The bedrooms are even more striking. All you really need is a bed and night table. Everything else is just light and space, making for a super peaceful living environment. 

The square footage of this place is somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 square feet, but space is used so sparingly to create a really zen feel. 

The property also has a finished rec room, which you can use as a playroom, studio, or additional living room. 

The pearly colour that goes throughout the space is so calming, and the bathroom is the perfect place to soak in the tub and get struck with inspiration. 

The occasional splash of colour here really goes a long way and adds some depth to this space. Whoever designed this place did an impeccable job. 

Minimalist's Dream House

Price: $2,499,000

Address: 159 Winona Dr., Toronto, ON

Description: A sparingly decorated space goes a long way in terms of great design and atmosphere. The calming vibe of this house is perfect if you live a busy life in the city. It's a perfect environment to come home to.

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