If you are thinking about adopting a forever friend, there are so many fuzzy critters to choose from. Although many animal shelters are currently closed to the public, pets are still looking for their forever homes. The Toronto Humane Society has moved adoptions online, and they are full of adorable furry pets. 

As many know, owning a pet can be tough work, and sometimes some of these loveable creatures end up looking for a new owner. 

While pets are a huge responsibility, if you're looking to adopt, you can go through the online adoption steps at the Toronto Humane Society to make sure you and your new pet are a perfect match. 

The stages for adoption are similar to the old model, however, you will have a virtual meet and greet with the organization.

While there are a variety of dogs and cats that are looking for a new home, they aren't the only critters that are in the shelter. You can also rescue rabbits, birds, and other small mammals. Take a look at some of these cuties who are looking for parents.


Gumaro is a mixed breed from Mexico and is super high energy.

If you love running, he'll be the perfect fit. This furry friend loves people and exercise.

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Queen is an older lady, and she likes her peace and quiet after having lived in a single home most of her life.

If you like to read books and cuddle up on weekend, this kitty might be the pet for you.

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Gem & Jewel

Gem & Jewel are besties, so adopting both of them would be a must.

Their favourite activities include cuddles, snacks, and socializing.

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This beauty was found outside all alone and sick, and after being nursed back to health, she is ready for a forever home.

These babies can live for over 50 years and require daily attention, so be prepared to put in the work for this one.

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Ducky & Napolean

These two are social, silly, inquisitive, and extremely intelligent.

They love constantly snacking and exploring, so be sure to rat-proof your home if you are ready to own these little guys.

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Bring a little love into your life with this friendly and social cutie.

She is diabetic, and will need to take daily medicine. Be sure that you can give her insulin every day and take care of her needs.

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If you need someone to keep you company on your hikes, this loving and active pup is the pet for you.

Amine is just over two years old and still has all the energy of a playful puppy!

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