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You Can Still Adopt A Fur Baby Online From Toronto’s Humane Society Right Now

THS is moving to online adoption to help animals find homes.
Toronto Humane Society Pet Adoptions Have Been Moved Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

As businesses start to shutdown temporarily across Ontario amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many adoption agencies are closing their doors. Luckily, our digital age makes all sorts of innovations possible, and the Toronto Humane Society has found a new way to run pet adoptions for those who are self-distancing. The organization has announced that you can now start your adoption process online.Narcity spoke with public relations specialist Hannah Sotropa about the newest procedure they've put in place to find their animals new homes. "Effective March 18th, Toronto Humane Society has launched a new adoptions process to continue helping animals find their home in the midst of COVID-19," she revealed to Narcity.  

Now, prospective pet parents can go to the Toronto Humane Society website and see listings of all the animals that are waiting to find their forever homes. "For those who are reading this and are interested in adopting, please email and include "Adoption Request - Animal Name, Animal #" in the subject line.""We will proceed with a phone interview with additional questions to assess health status and potential exposure to COVID-19."

"If a strong match is determined, the prospective adopter and adoption agent will schedule a time to set up the meet and greet within the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m."

Phone interviews will typically take an hour, and meet and greets can last from one to two hours, Sotropa told Narcity. "It's a really simple process," she told us over the phone. The difference is that you would be picking the animal you'd like to meet over the internet as opposed to in the shelter, and the interview would be over the phone. "Everything else is essentially the same," Sotropa said. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, the organization has had to cancel services.“We’re closing an entire public service, K9 training, dog walking, fundraising events, animal yoga," Sotropa said over the phone.

“It’s important to remember that our animals can’t comprehend what’s going on right now. Regardless, they still need our support, our care and our love so I think at this moment we just want to make sure that we’re loving on them extra hard," she added. 

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