Toronto Hydro is in hot water after failing to notify several homeowners of plans to install new poles within the city. Many of the poles were located directly in front of people’s homes, and when those affected by the obscuring construction filed complaints against Toronto Hydro, the company reportedly responded in very poor taste.

In a revealing report obtained by CP24 from the Ombudsman Toronto, an independent company that deals with fairness issues within the city, Toronto Hydro was accused of violating its own guidelines and responding to complaints with unnecessary action.

One case detailed a woman who only became aware of a hydro project being constructed in front of her home when contractors just outside her resident began marking locations with paint. The woman called to complain and was informed by the company that the pole would be placed in front of her home the next day.

The woman responded by asking a question about her plans to plant a tree in the location where the poles were to be installed. The company then sent police officers to her home, supposedly under the claim that the woman had threatened them.

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The incident terrified the woman, and she quickly backed off of her stance against the company. Opler argued in her press release regarding the matter that Toronto Hydro had overreacted to the situation claiming that the homeowner was frustrated and that her question could hardly be qualified as a threat.

In another incident, an employee of Toronto Hydro allegedly hung up on a homeowner who had requested information on how to ensure their complaint would be heard. Another event saw a member of the company scream at a property owner who decided to film their interaction on their phone.

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Regardless of the complaints from in the dark residents, Susan Opler of the  Toronto Ombudsman stated that the poles were installed anyway. Opler claimed that the incidents show Toronto’s Hydro blatant lack of policy when it comes to handling situation involving upset residents.