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Toronto Is Actually So Cold That The City Is Warning Residents That Water Pipes Have Been Freezing Over

Toronto water pipes are freezing over due to extreme cold weather.
Toronto Is Actually So Cold That The City Is Warning Residents That Water Pipes Have Been Freezing Over

It comes as no surprise that it has been very cold in the Toronto area the past few weeks. With Environment Canada releasing extreme cold weather statements constantly and the weather dropping so low that you can get frostbite within minutes, a lot of us have decided that staying inside as much as possible the last few weeks may be the best option. Yet, staying inside might not always protect you from the cold. The City of Toronto has released a statement that extreme cold is freezing water pipes throughout the homes of Toronto, which has left some residents without water access.

Yesterday, the City of Toronto released a statement that said the city had responded to more than 200 calls from residents who had no water within the early days of last week. Over 90% of those calls were due to frozen water pipes. Due to the extremely low temperatures, frozen pipes have started to become an issue throughout Toronto and city officials warn it may continue to be an issue as temperatures are projected to stay low throughout the next few weeks.

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Frozen water pipes are not only leaving residents without water access but they can also lead to significant damage that can result in water pipes actually bursting, which will leave residents without water for several days while the issue is attempting to be fixed.

The City of Toronto released a variety of tips and tricks to help you prevent your pipes from freezing within the next few weeks and weather continues to stay freezing. The city urges that if possible to raise the temperature in your home by one or two degrees at night and to consider leaving a tap open slightly to let a thin stream of water flow through in order to keep the water in pipes moving and prevent freezing.

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If you experience frozen pipes within the next few weeks, the City of Toronto encourages you to use a blow dryer to warm the pipe that you may suspect is frozen or to attempt to turn a tap on in the lower level of your residence, like the laundry room tap to try and get water flowing again.

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Residents who experience freezing are encouraged to place a service call with 311 where a representative from the city will come to investigate the issue.

So bundle up Toronto, because no matter where you are it looks like you just can’t escape the cold.